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I Represent a National Organization

For any issue concerning the Member Organizations, contact President Konstantinos Kyranakis, Secretary General Colm Lauder or Deputy Secretary General Federico Potočnik on issues concerning new Membership Requests.

Secretary General: 


I want to organize an event

Events are the driving force of our Organization. We encourage all our Member Organizations to organize an event and gather young Leaders from 40 Countries. Contact the YEPP Office and VP Hristo Gadzhev on this issue.

YEPP Office: 
Vice President: 


I want to Sponsor an Event or a Publication

Get the chance to promote your Organization and spread your message to young Leaders from 40 Countries, representing 1.6 million young Europeans. Contact our Treasurer Frank Visser regarding sponsorship opportunities

YEPP Office: 


I am a Journalist

Regarding Press Releases, Interviews, the position of YEPP on current issues and policies, as well as any other information, please contact Secretary General Colm Lauder and YEPP VPs Linda Eichler and Christodoulos Ioannou

Secretary General: 
Vice President: 
Vice President: 


I want to discuss an issue within the European Youth Forum framework

YEPP is a full member of the European Youth Forum and always interested in putting forward proposals concerning young Europeans. Please contact Juha­Pekka Nurvala or our Representative to the European Youth Forum, Vasia Alexandri.

1st Vice President: 
Representative to EYF: 


I have a Blog

If you want to work with YEPP to spread the reach of your message through our extended social media network, or If you have a personal or group Blog, contact our social media team:

YEPP Office: 
Vice President: 
Vice President: 


I am a YEPP Alumni

The Reinfeldt Club is the alumni foundation of our organization which brings together YEPP’s strong network of alumni, including the Swedish and Finnish Prime Ministers, numerous Ministers, National MPs, Members of the European Parliament but also every YEPP participant of the past. Contact our Secretary General Colm Lauder for more information..

Secretary General: 


I want to suggest a Campaign Topic and help organizing it.

A Campaign on a national or a European issue becomes stronger when a network of 55 Organizations across Europe supports it, so we invite you to work together on spreading your message. Contact our Head of Campaigning, VP Stefan Schnöll and Events Manager, VP Hristo Gadzhev, both of whom are representatives at the EPP Campaign Managers Meeting.

Vice President: 
Vice President: 

I want to raise my voice within the EPP Framework


On any other issues please contact our office:

YEPP takes active part in shaping EPP policy by participating in the EPP Working Groups. These form the backbone of EPP’s political work, where representatives from the national member parties develop common positions and strategies, enabling YEPP to raise your voice at the EPP Political Assembly.

Working Group 1: European Policy
Tom Vandenkendelaere

Working Group 2: Economic and Social Policy
Colm Lauder

Working Group 3: EPP Membership
Frank Visser, Tom Vandenkendelaere

Regarding general representation, you can contact our liaison to the EPP, Camilla Strandskog.

I am an MEP

YEPP wants to create an alliance of young MEPs within the EPP Group, enhancing their collective power in raising the voice of the youth within the European Parliament. To learn more about this initiative, contact YEPP First VP Juha Pekka Nurvala.

YEPP further wishes to bring more young Europeans closer to the work of the European Parliament. We strongly encourage all MEPs who are interested to host a Study Visit in the European Parliament to contact Thomas Schmitz and Luis Viegas Cardoso, Co­Chairs of the Brussels Group, and suggest dates and topics.

1st VicePresident: nurvala(at)

Brussels Group:: cardoso(at), schmitz(at)

Youth of the European People's Party

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